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Terms of service

  1. These terms of service are applicable to all services carried out by isCool unless stated otherwise. By applying for or using an isCool service, the user agrees with these terms and is bound to them.
  2. isCool and Jaze Webservices (hereafter to be called "isCool") are not responsible for any content of any page it might redirect to or for any information entered by a user in its database. Usage of isCool services is at the user's risk; isCool is not responsible for any damage caused through the usage of isCool services.
  3. the user may not create any redirectors to pages that contain illegal material (in the USA, Netherlands or elsewhere) or violate the Nettiquette.
    Using/mentioning the isCool redirector in these contexts is also prohibited. For example, mentioning the isCool redirector in spams is not allowed, creating a redirector to a page containing child pornography is not allowed either.
  4. User shall not take any actions of which it could possibly know that it could damage isCool's systems, for instance hacking into or experimenting with isCool programs.
  5. isCool will not disclose user's name and address information to anyone, unless legally required to do so or when user violates these terms of service.
  6. isCool may delete any redirector or completely discontinue its services without prior notice or without reason given.
  7. Violations of these terms by the user shall lead to removal of redirector and possible exclusion from future use of isCool services. isCool may take legal action or notify the user's Internet Service Provider of the abuse.
  8. These terms may be changed by isCool without prior notice.
Abuse can be reported online through our Abuse Form.
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