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It's now possible to set Meta Description and Keyword tags for your redirector! This means that your URL redirect will list higher at the search engines...

We are happy to announce that as of today we have 160.000+ redirectors in our database!
How does it work?

To create your own redirector, fill out the small Sign Up Form. You'll amongst others be asked for a name for your redirector. You can choose from four domains,
Once you're finished with the form and pressed the Submit button, your redirector will be created for you instantly and you can start using yourname.isCool/areCool/ right away. There's only one but: every time someone accesses your pages through the isCool address, a tiny window containing an ad will pop up. This is how we get the funds to run this free service. However, it's also possible to pay for your redirector and have the banner window removed. For more details please refer to our ordering page.

Please note that we do not provide free web space. We only create a redirector, an alias to the location of your current homepage.

URL hiding
A nice feature of your isCool address is URL hiding. Without URL hiding, a visitor of your isCool address will be redirected to your page and the location of your page will be shown in the Location bar of his/her browser. With URL Hiding, the user will see your isCool address in the Location bar. When using URL hiding, be sure to add a TARGET="_top" to all your off-site links, else the pages behind those links will also appear to have your isCool address. This may seem nice to you but many siteowners do not appreciate this.

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