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It's now possible to set Meta Description and Keyword tags for your redirector! This means that your URL redirect will list higher at the search engines...

We are happy to announce that as of today we have 170.000+ redirectors in our database!
FAQ and help

Can I get
Yes, you can. It's easy: just register "www.mypage" as the name of your redirector in stead of just "mypage" and it will work.

Can I get such a cool email address?
No, those are only for extremely cool people :-)

Someone is using your services in violation of your Terms of Service!
If you notice that anyone is using our address in violation with our TOS (e.g. spamming, warez etc.), we would really appreciate it if you could notify us. Please report it and we will deal with it. Again, we hate spam.

Do you have a button or banner I can put on my page?
Yes we do. Just put one of the codes below in your page:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60 BORDER=1 ALT="isCool Free Redirector Service"></A>

What do I do when my question still isn't answered?
You can fill in our contact form with a clear, brief description of your problem or question. If relevant, please include your isCool name.

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