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It's now possible to set Meta Description and Keyword tags for your redirector! This means that your URL redirect will list higher at the search engines...

We are happy to announce that as of today we have 170.000+ redirectors in our database!
FAQ and help

I get an Access Denied error from my browser when using my redirector.
This is caused by using JavaScript in your pages while you're using the URL hiding feature. The solution is to either not use the offending JavaScript or to turn off URL hiding.

I get another JavaScript error when using my/a redirector.
Please fill in the contact form, clearly specifying what browser you are using (At the moment, you're using: ia_archiver. Please copy this information into your question if possible.), the time it occurred, the redirector name and the exact error message you got. We'll try to fix it a.s.a.p..

The name I chose is already in use. What do I do?
Think of another name. Maybe a number after your name is an option. You could also use an other domain, if for example is already taken, you could try

How can I upload my pages?
isCool is a redirector service; we do not provide free homepage space. Your isCool address is just an alias for your current homepage address. If you're looking for free space, try for example Geocities. Once you've got space there you can come back here and create a redirector to it.

Can I use to refer to a subdir on my homepage?
Yes, you can.

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